Urgent Car Scratch Repair Bristol

This car had suffered a couple of scratches during a parking incident, when the owner’s wife had unfortunately caught the side of the house while parking it after dark. The car was leasehold, and the lease company were going to be picking the car up in a few days’ time.

To prevent the high costs the lease company charge for returning a damaged vehicle, we were called to see if we could fix the damage before the pick-up date!

This car scratch repair in Bristol took just 4 hours for us to complete at their house. The owner was able to carry on working from home while our mobile car scratch repair services were completed. With a weatherproof canopy in case it rains, X-Dent can offer reliable same day repairs for your vehicle – just call us to book a convenient date.

The owner was over the moon with the results and the lease company will not be able to spot any damage.